Professional Development: ThinkTank

Alpha Kappa Psi presents a brand new event called ThinkTank. This is where we brought a large number of speakers who each had different occupations to share to the audience.

The turnout of this event ended up to be great. Many students enjoyed listening to all the experiences the speakers went through.


Professional Development: LinkedIn Tour

On behalf of our chapter we would like to thank Danny Cao and Shannon Hamid for allowing us to visit their workplace.

LinkedIn was more than just a a company; the workplace felt more like a community, where many people enjoy coming in to work on a daily basis. We visited many buildings in the campus through the LinkedIn bicycles that were stationed around multiple areas. The most important thing we took away from this visit was to be passionate for your job at LinkedIn.

Professional Development: Facebook Tour

MENLO PARK, CA Brothers of the Psi Kappa Chapter had the opportunity to explore the Facebook campus, learn more about the day-to-day operations and indulge at the eateries within. The unique campus atmosphere was inspired by a cross between Disneyland and Downtown Palo Alto.

On behalf of the chapter we would like to thank Alexa Vicencio for allowing us to visit her current workplace. Vicencio recently joined the Product Operations team where she strives to improve the user experience through the products Facebook has to offer.

As the tour continued we visited Building 20 - the new state-of-the-art headquarters filled with an open and transparent environment. Building 20 occupies the executives at Facebook, including Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Mark Zuckerberg. The work space makes cubicles and offices a thing of the past - all employees including Zuckerberg sit out in the open which is a way to show the company's openness.

Through opportunities such as these, our Brothers are able to step into the professional world and gain a better sense of life after college. Every single member that joined this tour walked away with an excitement for a better future and we would sincerely like to thank Alexa Vicencio for creating this remarkable journey. 


Service: Habitat for Humanity

Late last month our Chapter had the opportunity to spend time assisting Habitat for Humanity with their housing project in San Francisco. Members of our chapter learned and built experience through hands-on educational building assignments. From raising the walls of the house to hammering nails into the internal infrastructure - the assignments made for a pleasurable and invaluable experience. 

These housing projects are planned and executed for families in need. Recipients consist of those living in unsafe or poor conditions, veterans, lower income and more. The review process takes several months and consists of an application fee, detailed financial information and an extensive reviewal process. The impact this project made on those in attendance played a tremendous role to one of the core values of our chapter - service.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Brother Abeyta, Cao, Li and Mak on site of the Habitat for Humanity development

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Brother Abeyta, Cao, Li and Mak on site of the Habitat for Humanity development

LaunchPad 2016: Elevate Your Network

On behalf of the Psi Kappa Chapter we would like to thank all of our attendees, recruiters, organizations and our keynote speakers for their contributions toward a successful event. LaunchPad is our very own networking/recruiting event, which is a unique professional showcase event designed to bring together reputable business leaders with highly ambitious CSU students. Our mission for Launchpad is to unite working professional leaders and recruiters with like-minded individuals, and allow opportunities to form connections, expand networks, and recruit.

This years event included recruiters from the CIA, Tesla, 5-Hour Energy, Lending Club, Genentech, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi's Office, UCSF, Northwestern Mutual and more! Our keynote speakers included: Albert Qian, founder of Albert's List and Will Lee, CEO of Verlocal.

Each year our chapter strives to expand LaunchPad and find new ways to improve the event itself. Most notably, this year we had over 300 attendees which proudly surpassed the previous years attendance. LaunchPad 2016 was attended by Alpha Kappa Psi Brothers from UC Merced, SJSU, and Pepperdine.



Congratulations Kappa Pledge Class

Please welcome and congratulate our newly initiated Kappa Brothers into the Psi Kappa culture. After an impressive Court of Honor and hosting their Oscar-themed Banquet, they have finally achieved the wonderful status as a Brother!

The Kappa Class has  triumphed with surpassing their personal fundraising goals, hosted 5 professional development events, 4 service events, and 7 socials events. It has been a great semester watching them bond and grow professionally.


April Spotlight

Brother of the Month

Rowena Guo || VP of Professional Developmentspent an infinite amount of hours with her committee to successfully execute LaunchPad 2016: Elevate Your Network! The event was a great success! With over 40 recruiters and professionals, 200+ attendees, and great networking opportunities, Launchpad has reached its successful peak this semester. Thank you Brother Guo for all of the time, effort, and dedication you put forth in creating this event. Thanks to you, many of us have found great opportunities, networks, and experiences. 


Alumni Spotlight


Kiren Malhi || Credit Specialist, Lending Club: is a recent graduate of Fall 2015 who was part of the Eta Pledge Class. Ever since she started pledging for AKPsi, she has devoted her heart and soul into this organization. Even as an alumni, she still continues to do so. Upon taking the role as our Ambassador of the Bay Area Alumni Chapter, Brother Malhi showcases her dedication to Psi Kappa and we are proud to have her represent us.

The brotherhood wants to also acknowledge Brother Malhi for her great work ethics in achieving her Credit Specialist position at Lending Club. Graduating as an international student and immediately landing a career is truly impressive! Thank you Brother Malhi for your presence and voice in the chapter. We always appreciate your attendance in our general meetings showcasing your support and dedication. 


Kappa Pledge Class Update

With less than a month away from initiation, the Kappa pledge Class has hosted plenty of fun and interesting events, from having a sandwich making social to hosting their own coding workshop! The Kappa Pledge class have a burning passion and admiration for the brotherhood! They have improved in both professional and self-development aspects and are pushing through the final stretch of the pledging process!
Past Events:
Coding Workshop
Sandwich Social
Personal Brand Workshop
Food Social Potluck
Pie-A-Pledge Fundraiser
Cake-Pop Fundraiser

Future Events:
Speaker Panel Workshop
Boot-Camp Social
Operation Gratitude Service
Sushi Trivia Social

Professional Development: Yelp Tour

On Tuesday, March 1, brothers of the Psi Kappa Chapter were given the opportunity to visit Yelp! The tour was led by brother Vicencio, Account Executive, and current Senior at San Francisco State University. She shared a great amount of insight regarding the day-to-day functions of Yelp, their recruitment process and more.

Yelp's Downtown San Francisco headquarter features an impressive 16 floors in a 1920's-era Art Deco. Brothers had the opportunity to explore the office spaces, which boasts a full-service coffee shop, sandwich making kitchen and more! The company moved into their expansive 106,000 square foot building in Nov. of 2013 and have since continued to expand their global business operations.

Service: Chinese New Year Parade

On February 20, 2016 about 750,000 San Francisco natives, visitors and bystanders lined the streets of Downtown for the city's biggest and most sought out parade. The annual parade featured over 20 floats, 2,500 marchers and about 600,000 firecrackers used to dazzle and delight the audience. 

Brothers of the Psi Kappa Chapter volunteered their time as Parade Marshals to ensure the safety and consistent flow of the parade. Brother RJ Lozano mentioned, "This was the first Chinese New Year Parade that I had ever been to, and going with the Brothers made it a truly memorable experience!" 

San Francisco, CA: As seen above (from left to right): Brother Yip, Adauto, Lozano, Wong, Hamid, Yeung, Chu and Alumni Brother Wong.

San Francisco, CA: As seen above (from left to right): Brother Yip, Adauto, Lozano, Wong, Hamid, Yeung, Chu and Alumni Brother Wong.

Volunteering at the event presented many opportunities - "As a Parade Marhsal, I had the opportunity to learn a lot about the Chinese culture through the various floats and performances" said Lozano. Most notably, while volunteering at the event a few brothers had the opportunity to meet San Francisco City Mayor, Ed Lee! The event turned out to be extremely successful and memorable for not only spectators, but the volunteers as well. We are extremely excited to join in on the fun next year.

On behalf of the Psi Kappa Chapter we would like to wish you a prosperous New Year!


Spring Rush

Our Spring 2016 Rush Week kicked off on February 1st in the Business Building at San Francisco State. Rushee's lined the hallway as they waited to enter the doors of Info Night. We had an eventful week consisting of Information, Professional Growth, Service, Alumni and Social Night. The week wrapped up with a round of interviews for potential pledges to obtain a bid.

Most notably our rushee's were graced by the presence of a noteworthy alumni panel consisting of individuals working for Sales Force, Netflix and more. Our alumni have not only inspired potential pledges to rush Alpha Kappa Psi, but they have also continued to dedicate their time to the on-going growth of our chapter. 

The Psi Kappa Chapter is eager to announce the Kappa Pledge Class within the next week. Please stay tuned!

San Francisco, CA: Brother Nadia Gutierrez leads discussion on Professional Growth.

San Francisco, CA: Brother Nadia Gutierrez leads discussion on Professional Growth.