What is recruitment week?

Recruitment week is a period of time at the beginning of the semester where fraternities/sororities actively recruit new members by hosting events. These events are meant for the potential future members to get to know the active members and vice versa. Recruitment occurs twice in the year--generally during the third week of the Fall and Spring semester. This is your opportunity to see if Alpha Kappa Psi is a good fit for you.


Why join?

Alpha Kappa Psi prides itself in developing individuals both professionally and personally. We invite people from all majors because we recognize that talent and hard work come from all types of backgrounds. Our diversity is one of our biggest strengths. We have a long history of successful alumni that have gone into the professional world and utilized our extensive network. The brothers of Alpha Kappa Psi - Psi Kappa want to extend an invitation to you to come to our rush events. We look forward to meeting you.


What are the qualifications to join Alpha Kappa Psi?

  1. Must be a student at San Francisco State University

  2. Cannot be a member of another business fraternity on campus

  3. Must be available Wednesday nights (7PM) for pledge education meetings


Do I have to be a business major?

No, Alpha Kappa Psi is open to all majors, cultures and genders. We believe that a diverse group of people can provide the best insights.


What does Alpha Kappa Psi look for in a potential candidate?

There is no specific person we are looking for. We recognize that each individual has different strengths and weaknesses. Although, because we are a professional business fraternity, we expect prospective members to be motivated, willing to learn, and a team player. Every individual that is given a bid earns it through their achievements thus far, as well as the potential we see within them to develop in the pledging process.


Do you have to attend all recruitment events in order to qualify for membership?

No. We understand that individuals have other priorities such as work, school, or personal matters. Although it is not required, we recommend our prospective members to take advantage of the multiple events we host to see if Alpha Kappa Psi is a good fit. Coming to our recruitment events will show the brothers the interest you have in joining if you choose to move on to the interview process. Quality time leads to quality decisions that result in quality members.


Do I have to schedule an interview?

Yes, if you are interested in joining Alpha Kappa Psi, you need to schedule an interview.


What is the interview like? Is the interview hard?

Don’t worry, we just want to know who you are. This is not an interview for a high executive position. We want to get to know you, your goals and passions. Be yourself and you’ll be fine.


Do I need a cover letter and resume?

Yes. If you are scheduling an interview for us, make sure to have your resume and cover letter. We’ll send you a reminder email letting you know how to prepare for the interview and what to bring.


Do you have any advice?

  • Put yourself out there.

  • Try to meet and talk to as many of the brothers as you can. The more we can get to know you, the better.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Every brother has been in your position too and would love to help you.


What is a bid?

A bid is an invitation to participate in the pledge process in preparation to joining our fraternity.


If I don’t get a bid this semester, can I try again?

Yes! Students are always encouraged to try again if they really want to be a part of Alpha Kappa Psi. There is absolutely no penalty for coming back another time. 


What kind of people do you accept?

Alpha Kappa Psi looks for highly motivated individuals who desire to better themselves. We encourage anyone who is interested in the fraternity to rush and discover the potential it has for them and the potential within themselves.


How does the interview process work at the end of recruitment week?

If you feel that Alpha Kappa Psi is a good fit, there will be a period of time after each recruitment event where you will be able to schedule an interview. We will contact you after the interview if we feel that you have the potential to become a member.


What is a "pledge?"

A pledge is person who has accepted their bid and undergone a ritual conducted by the fraternity. It is a promise made by the individual to strive to become a full member of the Brotherhood.


Can I pledge for another fraternity/sorority along with Alpha Kappa Psi?

Yes, you are welcome to pledge for another fraternity/sorority as long as it is not a business fraternity. However, based on how Greek pledging programs are usually designed, including our own, it may not be the most recommended to pledge for two Greek organizations at the same time.


Is there hazing?

No. Alpha Kappa Psi has strict policies against hazing. The events with pledges and active brothers are meant to build upon our five core values of Brotherhood, Unity, Service, Integrity, and Knowledge.


How much money do I have to pay?

The amount needed to pledge varies each semester. However, we ensure that Alpha Kappa Psi is very affordable.


How hard is pledging? What is the pledging process like?

Our pledge process is a time commitment designed to challenge and test individuals for professional and personal growth. As long as you can manage your time properly, pledging is a great and fun experience.


How long is the pledging process?

We value your academics and understand the need to focus on classes. The pledging process concludes before finals.




If you have any questions or concerns about our recruitment, feel free to email us at membership.akpsisfsu@gmail.com