Everyday people relish in cups of coffee derived from their local friendly coffee shops. But after consumption, there are undervalued by-products that are leftover. Lids, Cups, and Coffee Grounds are only used once and simply disposed. However, little do people know, coffee grounds that have already been brewed can be reused and implemented for other purposes.

Coffee Grounds are a great base product for purposes like fertilizer, body soap, facial products, and most notably, a great scent neutralizer. We decided to tackle this project by upcycling coffee grounds from the ©Peet's Coffee & Tea branch located at San Francisco State University. By definition:

upcycle (v). the method of reusing (discarded objects or material) in such a way to create a product of a higher quality and value than the original.

From turning used coffee grounds into soaps, scrubs, and candles, the Psi Kappa Chapter has found multiple innovative ideas to diminish waste and to help the environment. One member in our chapter was the first to take initiative upon the challenge of ‘upcycling’ objects by repurposing them into various household items.

Throughout the semester, we will be handcrafting products including:  skin-nourishing Coffee Vanilla Exfoliating Hand/Body Soap and Warm Real Coffee Ground Vanilla Scented Candles.


Future & Goals

One of Alpha Kappa Psi’s guiding principles is “Improving Communities”: With sustainability as an existing focus, the Psi Kappa Chapter will also be donating all proceeds to City of Hope Cancer Research Hospital, a non-profit organization headquartered in Southern California. City of Hope is a leading research and treatment center for cancer, diabetes and other life-threatening diseases. Designated as a comprehensive cancer center, which is the highest recognition bestowed by the National Cancer Institute, the City of Hope is also a founding member of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network. They deal with research and treatment protocols that advance care throughout the nation.

Units Sold


Our Service Committee has handcrafted each item to perfection. All proceeds will go directly to City of Hope Cancer Research Hospital. Our online merchandise store will go live beginning Fall 2016. If you are interested in purchasing our products in-person please contact Jason Adauto via email at: jadauto[at]mail.sfsu.edu